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    The Living Through Learning Foundation is a 501c3 that strives to support learners with chronic medical conditions through creating educational collaborations, researching best practices, and providing innovative learning opportunities.

    What We Do

    • Connect students who are too ill to attend school using web cameras and other technology in a safe and secure manner.
    • Provide educational, technical, and problem solving support to families, educators, health care providers, and community based organizations so that the child with a chronic illness can stay connected to their friends, teachers, and valuable learning opportunities.
    • Help students with chronic health conditions understand, set, and achieve their life goals. For this to happen we believe that a child must stay connected to their friends, teachers, school work, and ultimately their community.

    To achieve these goals we provide schools, families, hospitals and child life providers with the means and training to connect a child with their classroom and virtual field trips so they can continue to learn while healing.  We believe that these meaningful educational opportunities are essential to a child’s self concept and are especially important when a child is too ill to attend school in person.

    Click here to read how we've helped from some of our learners and their parents